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Thursday, December 04 2008

All the elves have been working hard to complete the website.  New pages have been added.  Under construction pages have been completed.  New content is being added daily.  RSS feeds have been added to many of the pages for instant updates on what is happen in the industry.  We have sound on a few of our pages now.  We are very excited with all the new changes.

Stormwater Management -

HazMat Handling -

Clean and Green Technologies -

Drug and Alchol Training -

Logistics / Santa Countdown and Tracker -

Freightbrokerage and Free Loadboard -

Plus visit our updated pages via the main page -

Two mini eBooks by Dr. Andrea Sitler PhD are offered for sale on the site or on Ebay.


Dr. Andrea Sitler PhD is a published author and SME in the fields of transportation, logistics and safety. 
  "PU: Energy Source or Death Source" discusses the advantages of Nuclear Energy vs. conventional energy methods. Understand this value element and its benefits to the environment. The health risks, terrorist potential and proper handling of Plutonium are discussed in detail. 
The transport and handling of high level hazardous material, especially nuclear waste, is covered in detail. An in-depth discussion on the benefits and ability to recycle Pu vs. bury Pu at Yucca Mountain is explored.  Learn how Pu is recycled around the globe. Realize that only 3% is ACTUAL waste.
Radiation exposure in everyday life as well as the cancer risks of Pu exposure is explored. Dr. Cohen’s work is referenced and discussed.  Understand the government controls on the nuclear industry and remove public fears. Learn how Yucca Mountain will be filled before it is even officially opened.
Learn how the nuclear industry is the cure to Global Warming. Explore the current state of the nuclear industry and nuclear energy is covered as well as the history of nuclear technology. Learn about breeding Pu, purity factors, risk factors and global developments. Compare and contrast the US Nuclear Market vs. the Global Nuclear Market. Discover India’s Nuclear Power Strategy, CANDU Reactor and Reactor developments and advancements. 

 Available at:


Before becoming an O/O or a truck driver, ask yourself and your loved ones these questions.
1.    Dream of being a trucker? 
2.    Want that freedom of the road? 
3.    Like to travel?
4.    Want to make the “big bucks” that drivers make? 
5.    Maybe, doing it your way, is your dream and so is being an O/O?
Before making that big decision, sign up to receive this free download with the truth about the trucking life.

 "The Realities of Trucking Driving"
  • How many miles you can REALLY expect to drive per week?
  • What will I really make my first year?
  • Know if you should be paid by % or Cent Per Mile (CPM).
  • Dealing with recruiters; separating the facts from fiction.
  • What is guaranteed hometime?
  • Which pays better, Owner Operator or a Company Driver?
  • What type of freight should I haul?
  • Where do I find a good company?
  • Does my car driving record affect my ability to be hired?
  • Do the tickets I get as a commercial driver cost me on my car insurance?
  • What is DAC and why do I care?
  • How do I protect my DAC score?
 “I Want to be an Owner-Operator; now what?”
  • Can I afford to become an O/O?
  • What money does it really take to be independent?
  • Where do I find work as an O/O?
  • How do I find insurance for my family now that I am independent?
 "Truths Driving Schools Hide From Their Students"
  • Why new drivers have a difficult time finding and maintaining employment?
  • Time to make big dollars now; not!
  • Difference between running team and working for the teamsters.
  • To sleep or not?
  • Trucking driving is not freedom.

 Available at:


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