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The DOT Doctor:
Tax Filings

Got taxes?   Need filing help?

We have the answer..........

Low, low rates.   Let the DOT Doctor help you file your taxes today.   Local and long distance service.  Use TAX BY FAX and no in-office visit required.  Rates begin at $10.

We specialize in truck driver, O/O and people who qualify to use the DOT Hours of Service filing criteria.  Let us find you your largest refund!  

Over 15 years of experience in filing "trucker" taxes.

 Rate based on your annual income. (.01% of total income)   E-filing available.   Refund in under 10 days.



Already filed.   Where's my Federal Tax refund?  Click here.

Transportation companies incur many taxes as well as many tax deductions.  The DOT Doctor can help you save money.
The DOT Doctor can handle:

·         IFTA Quarterly filings
·         Annual UCR fees
·         Offer you ways to save money on your taxes
·         Establish tax free repairs on your vehicles

- Individual and Small Business Filings
Form 2290
Why worry over these questions and more when the DOT Doctor can handle all the leg work for you.

When do I need a paid Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Receipt (IRS-Form 2290)?
Any time you license a power unit at 55,000 lbs. or higher.
What is acceptable as a paid Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Receipt (IRS-Form 2290)?
Any of the following is acceptable as proof of road taxes being paid.
  • copy of the “IRS-Form/2290 Schedule I” listing VIN’s and showing IRS’s received stamp;
  • copy of the “IRS-Form/2290 Schedule I” listing VIN’s with a copy of the front & back of the cancelled check; or
  • proof that the unit in question was purchased within the last 60 days.

IFTA Quarterly Calculation and Filing Service starting as low as $10 per truck

*** Save Big $$$$$$$$$$ ***

Sign up for an annual subscription plan and receive two (2) months FREE

(limited time offer / new customers only)



Unified Carrier Registration calculation and filing

This new annual filing can be costly.  Let the DOT Doctor show you how to save $$$$$$$$.

800# is no longer in operations.

Please dial direct at:       903-910-9075

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Cost of trucking
With the small profit margin, while pay unnecessary fines? TDD can help!
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