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The DOT Doctor:
DOT Consulting

Stay out of SAFETY JAIL with our service plans.  

CSA scores have been proven to improve up to 85% when working with a qualified DOT Consultant.

The improved scores help to reduce insurance costs, improve your customer base and create a safety awareness culture for your company.  This usually spreads into OSHA and workman’s comp areas where you will also see a reduction due to the improved safety culture of the company. 

The DOT Doctor offers expert guidance and assistance in three different levels of services.  

Receive up to 25% discount on additonal services.    

Program Information Download (click here)

Over 40% of trucking carriers have gone out of business or downgraded their operating status since the inception of CSA 2010

Partner with The DOT Doctor.  Don't become just a statistic. 

No surprise costs with our Service programs. 

All fees, including travel (within 100 miles of an office location), are already included in the monthly rate.


Onsite Mock Audit

     What is included and what do I need to have ready?

·        DQ files (all active drivers, temp drivers and any drivers inactive in the past 36 months) [be sure your files include the date of hire in a conspicuous place]

·        Driver Master List with hire date  (a percentage of your drivers will be selected from this list for DQ file auditing)

·        Equipment Master List  (a percentage of your vehicles will be selected from this list for maintenance file auditing)

·        Maintenance files

·        DVIRs (past 90 days)

·        Road Side Inspections (past 12 months) [can be in maintenance files]

·        Accident log (past 3 years)

·        Accident files

·        Reasonable Suspicion Training certificates for all supervisors

·        D&A files with positive results for the last 5 years

·        MRO certificate

·        D&A Policy

·        MCS 90 (insurance paperwork)

·        Pin number for the CSA site along with your DOT #

·        Any state authority you may have such as TX/CA intrastate

·        IFTA/UCR paperwork

·        RODs/HOS (logs) – current and past 6 months with audits/driver write ups and counseling statements

·        Driver handbook

·        Company / employee manual

The person(s) responsible for each of the above items should be available during the visit.   If you do not have everything on the list; please have available as many of these items as possible.  Any that are not; we will discuss their need and how to prepare them. 

This action will allow a review of the current status of operations.  As a deliverable, these findings will then be incorporate along with Best Practices to create an action plan.  The DOT Safety Consultant/Advisor will provide you with a spreadsheet on the files audited. 

Please provide all of your DOT numbers so we may gain a complete picture of your organization.  The more information you supply; the more productive the mock audit.

Don't wait for the DOT to call.   Schedule an audit today.  (Available with a consutling package or as a stand alone service).

Allow us to worry about your DOT Compliance needs and concerns.  The DOT Doctor has you covered so you can concentrate on your main business.

The DOT Doctor will handle your DOT Compliance needs. 

Want more information first?   Call or email.

Save $$$$$  Pay annually on an all costs included "no surprise" program   Visit our Facebook page and click on The DOT Doctor's shop tab for these special rates.

Seeking Remote DOT Compliance Services.  Visit our DIY pages.  

800# is no longer in operations.

Please dial direct at:       903-910-9075

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