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The DOT Doctor:
FMCSA Compliance Management: US Services
Can you confidently answer these questions?

Is at least one responsible official familiar with the FMCSR?

Do you have a driver safety/orientation program? 

Do you review your safety compliance status on a regular basis? 

Do you have a system to audit and control your drivers' hours of service? 

Do you know if you need logbooks or just a time record?

Do you know how long records need to be retained and in what format?

Do you know what is required to be in compliance with the Transportation Safety

Administration, DOT, FMCSA, OSHA, Department of Homeland Security and other Federal Agencies?


Don't gamble with your business. You may be in Non-Compliance and in Violation of Federal, State or Local Regulations and not even realize.

Every state has regulations governing Motor Carriers of Property, Household Goods and Passengers.  This is in additional to Federal Regulations and possible Local Regulations.

Do not assume that just because you only operate one truck or a small fleet that you these regulations do not apply to you. Government Regulations apply no matter the size of the fleet or the number of shipments.

Annually businesses lose thousands of dollars due to fines for non-compliance. Due to the increased safeguarding efforts of our government, additional monies have been allocated to enforcement efforts. Raised awareness from Mother's Against Tired Truckers and similar action groups has gained the ear of many government agencies. This has spurred additional enforcement efforts in all areas. Do not be caught out in the cold. What many trucking companies could do just a few years ago are now costing them and their drivers.

Contact The DOT Doctor today for a free consultation!

Actual Fines Received for Non-Compliance

Fines Doubled as of August 2013 in many categories.  Again, in March 2015, fines rose once more. 

These new fines have yet to be officially posted.

False reports of records of duty status  $26,250
Failing to perform a pressure retest as prescribed  $20,980
False reports of records of duty status  $17,480
Failing to properly enter duty status during meal stops  $13,020
Using a specification intermediate bulk container not inspected or retested.  $11,050
Failing to provide security awareness training  $8,550
Offering/transporting without a security plan confirming to Subpart requirements  $8,514
Transporting HM without a security plan.  $7,810
Using a driver who has tested positive for a drug   $6,664
Failing to do random drug tests at applicable annual rate  $5,340
Failing train employee in HM regulations  $4,480
Failing to require driver to prepare vehicle inspection report  $4,070
Failing to properly label HM container or package  $3,960
Failing to mark non-bulk pkg of HM w/ ship name & ID #  $3,960
Transporting explosive material not properly packaged  $3,790
Failing to check driver's employment background   $3,776
Using a physically unqualified driver  $3,190
Using a driver before receiving a pre-employment result  $2,760
Failing to implement an alcohol and/or drug testing program  $2,730
Failing to implement an alcohol and/or drug testing program  $1,840
Failing to conduct post accident testing on driver for alcohol.  $1,780
Driver performing safety sensitive function without follow up  $1,780
Failing to conduct post accident testing on driver for controlled substances  $1,780
Failing to implement a random drug/alcohol testing program  $1,580
False reports of records of duty status  $1,540
Using a driver not medically examined and certified  $1,490
Using a CMV not periodically inspected  $1,290
Failing to maintain copy of HM shipping paper for 375 days after date accepted   $1,000
Operating a CMV without a valid CDL  $990
Failing to preserve supporting documents for 6 months  $650
Inadequate or no financial responsibility  $400
White Paper on Jail Time Companies Face for Non-Compliance
Anyone can be found guilty if you do not remain in strict compliance with Local, State and Federal Regulations.   Protect yourself from fines and jail time; contact the DOT Doctor today!

800# is no longer in operations.

Please dial direct at:       903-910-9075

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