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DQ Files
* Picture is for illustrative purposes only.

* Picture is for illustrative purposes only. 

Driver Qualification File
A DQ file consists of the following items in order to comply with:


  • Part 391 - Qualification of Drivers
  • Part 395 - Hours of Service
  • Part 383 - CDL Standards

(1) Checklist for Qualification of New Drivers
(1) Additional Employment History Information
(1) Application For Employment
(1) Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure Statement
(1) Medical Examiner's Certificate
(1) Medical Examination Report
(1) Notice To Drivers & Certification Of Compliance
(1) Notification Of Traffic Violation
(1) Record And Certificate of Road Test
(1) Request For Check Of Driving Record
(1) Record Of Violations/Annual Review

Additional documents for HR purposes as well as any new forms that become DOT required.

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DOT Driver Qualification File Maintenance and Management Services

With TDD's DQF program; your files are always DOT Audit ready!  We will provide a representative, upon request, to answer any audit questions regarding the DQ Files during an audit.

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Customized DQ File and DVIR Program

All CMV drivers (drivers who operate equipment over 10,000 lbs or hazmat units) must have a Driver Qualification file.

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A 10 year employment history of each driver needs to be on file.  These 10 year include periods of non-driving employment as well as unemployment.  An explanation of missing time, gaps and location of employee during employment periods are required.

Past employment that was subject to drug and/or alcohol testing should have the results included in these DQ files.

Sensitive information, as above, that is not part of a normal HR file, needs to be keep in a separate area under lock and eye for eyes only.  The entire DQ file may be stored as such but the "keeper" of the file needs to understand the need for confidentiality that exceeds that of normal HR files.

Annual Driver Report Form for violations.  Download it free by filling out a short form at the bottom of this page.

The DQ file can be purchased through The DOT Doctor for as low as $50.  All items come in .pdf or Word and can be reused.  Just follow the links above.

For additional HR services or to subscribe to our HR and Recruiting Services please send your Name, email address and desired products to:  One of our consultants will get back with you quickly.

*Standard promotional discounts do not apply to supplies.  Only to service offerings.

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Annual Driver Report Form
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