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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a CMV?
    A CMV - commercial motor vehicle is a vehicle or combination of power unit and trailer that exceed 10,000 lbs. It can be a passenger vehicle, such as a van, that can seat over 8 passengers including the driver. It is any vehicle, regardless of size and weight, that is placarded.   back to top

  • I purchased a truck over 26,000 lbs. What now?
    You need to consider where you want to operate. Intrastate or interstate? Register and license your truck appropriately. Pay your Heavy Vehicle Highway Usage tax (Form 2290). Are you signing onto a company or going solo? You may need to get a DOT number. You may need IFTA permits. You need to register and pay UCR fees. Do you have the correct license? What type of trailer are you going to pull? Do you have the proper safety tie downs, safety equipment and a DOT medical card? Contact the DOT Doctor to ensure everything is in order or just let us handle all this leg work for you.  back to top

  • I am being audited by the DOT. What do I do first?
    Immediately call the DOT Doctor for assistance.  back to top

  • We operate pickup trucks. Do I have a hidden fleet?
    You may. Let us evaluate your fleet. If you are operating smaller units (<10k lbs) but pull trailers; you may have hidden CMVs in your fleet. Let us show you how to make these units legal.  back to top

  • I operate Class C drivers with trucks under 26,001. Do I need logbooks?
    If you return to base each night, run under 150 miles radius, work under 60 hours a week total AND keep daily time sheets then you DO NOT need to run logbooks.  back to top

  • Do my trucks need to stop weigh stations?
    Drivers need to read the signs as they approach the weigh station. Each state has different rules. Some states want to inspect vehicles as light as 8,000 lbs while others have no interest until you are well over 26,000 lbs.  back to top

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