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Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Related Works

Ethics of Internet Commerce: Conducting Business in Second Life -    This paper discusses the benefits and pitfalls of internet commerce in the Second Life's virtual world.  It discusses how residents benefit and profit from the economic structure in Second Life while contrasting the disadvantages of a less regulated society.  It will provide examples of companies and universities that use Second Life as a virtual meeting platform and how this setting has benefited their organization.  Marketing and name branding are discussed and how they translate to the real life counterpart of the virtual world brand.  The application of ethics in virtual business is covered.  After viewing the positive and negative aspects of virtual commerce in Second Life, one will be able to view recommendations and conclusion on using this platform as a virtual marketplace. 
Safety Related Papers

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Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 -

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DOT HOS Needs Revision - Written as an industrial paper then slated for publication in Transport Topics  CLICK HERE

TEA  21 - Written for presentation to a group of non-transportation people at an environmental conference CLICK HERE

Plutonium: Energy Source or Death Source - Written in my final classes at the University discussing the transportation, handling and risks of the main element in nuclear waste. This is the paper leading up to my dissertation.  CLICK HERE

Nuclear Waste Transport - CLICK HERE

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Buy your copy of Dr. Andrea Sitler PhD's book on transport and handling of nuclear waste.  Learn the story behind Yucca Mountain.  Understand Pu and its uses in combating Global Warming.  Pu: Energy Source or Death Source available through Amazon or buy directly through the DOT Doctor's site.

Environmental Papers

Various works to include papers on Yucca Mountain over the years, computer issues, nuclear and high level toxic waste transport and handling, Supply Chain Management, plus more…

Yucca Mountain: Radiation Risk or Secure Graveyard

Supply Chain Management of the Nuclear Energy Industry

Yucca Mountain

Yucca Mountain Repository

Follow Up Paper on Yucca Mountain 2006

Preparing for Global Warming

Nuclear Waste Transport

Nuclear Supply Chain


Trucking truth and safety

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Created for flatbed haulers carrying new oversized machinery to dealerships.

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NRC and Yucca Mountain

Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982:
Establishing Yucca Mountain as America's Nuclear Waste Dumping Site

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