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Sunday, August 30 2015
The Monthly Scoop - September 2015 Newsletter (Distracted Driving)

Monthly Scoop for September 2015

The DOT Doctor's monthly newsletter is here.   September's issue discusses Distracted Driving, Back to School Awareness, Changing of the Seasons and Chain Laws.   Reminder:  Sept 6 begins Break Check Week!  

School is back in session.  Watch for children and buses.  Right here in our community we experienced two mishaps this week involving school children.  With the first week back to school we had a driver of a 4-wheeler in a rush and they ran into a school bus.  Several children were injured.  Some severely enough to require missing a day of school to receive medical treatment.  Not a good way to begin a school year!

The second situation involved a High School student who just recently received his license.  Flying out of the parking lot, he struck a Jr High student who was walking across the driveway between the two schools.  Both of these situations could have been prevented had the drivers not been speeding and been paying attention.   Slow down.  Remove all distractions, especially cell phones (illegal to use in TX in a school zone) when in a school zone.  Buses and students have the right away!   Even if they are not in the designated walk-ways, yield them the right of way.  It only takes a minute to prevent an accident.

This edition has a special Chain Law Guide included.  This guide is organized by state with laws, contact information and other relevant information.   A link of where to purchase chains is each state is also included.   Remember: chain laws begin in Sept and run through May in some states.   WY has already seen its first snow for the season.

Send us your questions to and your question may be listed in next month’s issue.   Have a topic you would like to see discussed?  Send us your suggestions.

Share the newsletters with your friends and co-workers.   Spread the news!  Not on our monthly newsletter email list?   Join today by visiting our website –

Read this month's edition -> Monthly Scoop for September 2015

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