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Tuesday, August 25 2015
Hazmat Exemptions

Exemptions granted to rules begins a slippery slope.  The split sleeper birth exemption really has taken on a movement of it's own.  It shows weakness in the rule when exemptions have to be given.  If time was taken to create adequate rules to begin with instead of these one size fits all monstrosities; exemptions would not be needed.  You cannot create conflicting rules and then expect the driver/carrier to choose which to follow.  Either way is a fail and consequences pending.   The answer is to write clear, concise rules from the start.  Stop being so politically fluffy and engage the industry.  Gain real feedback and input BEFORE you create an unworkable rule.  It is long past time that the trucking industry has real input and say in these regulations and not just unknowing politicians that cater to special interest groups....that obviously have no interest in the trucking industry.

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