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Friday, May 22 2015

Roadcheck is June 2-4: Are you ready?

Every June, about 10,000 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)-certified inspectors spend 72 hours conducting inspections at over 1,500 locations throughout North America.

This year will be no exception, as Roadcheck 2015 will be held June 2nd - 4th.

  • 73,475 inspections were conducted last year.
  • Of the 49,656 Level I inspections conducted, 23% were found with Out-of-Service (OOS) vehicle violations.
  • Of the vehicles placed out of service, nearly half were because of brake-related violations.
  • Nearly 5% of all drivers inspected were placed out of service. Hours-of-service violations and false logs accounted for just under two-thirds of all driver OOS orders.

Preparing your drivers and vehicles can go a long way in ensuring a positive inspection outcome.

A vehicle placed out of service cannot be operated again until the default or defect discovered is corrected. A driver who is placed out of service cannot drive until the out-of-service violation has been corrected. This can lead to unwanted down time, a delayed shipment, and potentially lost revenue.

Also, all data gathered during all inspections, including those conducted during Roadcheck, have an impact on your Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) carrier profile. Violations discovered by enforcement, including out-of-service orders can have a negative impact on your CSA BASIC scores.

Make sure you stress the importance of inspections with your drivers and conduct training as necessary to make sure your drivers understand both the regulations as well as any policies your company may have related to this topic.

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