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Saturday, June 26 2010
CSA 2010 is here!  Know how to protect yourself and your company.

CSA 2010 is a new minefield that the government has created for truckers and trucking companies to traverse.  This one can stop you dead in your tracts.  So be prepared!

O/Os remember you are the carrier, the fleet, the driver.  Remember DOT does not care if you have 1 truck or 1,000,001 trucks.  As long as you have a DOT number, you are bound by DOT regulations and therefore CSA 2010 standards.

CSA 2010 claims to not directly rate drivers as to put them out of work.  This is true and false at the same time.  It will provide enhanced tools for Safety Investigators (SIs) to identify drivers with safety performance problems during motor carrier investigations.  As a result, motor carriers and drivers will have the opportunity to correct the specific safety performance problems.  (This is not an "opportunity" but a requirement.  Drivers are noted, by name, as to their infractions.)  CSA 2010 is designed to meet one overriding objective: to increase safety on the Nation’s roads.  (If this were totally true, it will target all vehicles not just commercial vehicles.)  Therefore, it is, by design, a positive program for drivers and carriers with strong safety performance records.  Also, it will send a strong message that drivers and carriers with poor safety performance histories need to improve.  (CSA 2010)  In short, low scorers will have black boxes (On-board recording devices) put in their trucks for full monitoring by Big Brother.  CSA 2010 is the answer for allowing the government to "invisibly" ride along side you in the cab of your truck and your only recourse is to outsmart the DOT at their own game.

If drivers are not "directly" rated then explain - driver interventions and notifications.

1.      Driver Interventions - Any driver violations identified and addressed during carrier investigations that are not corrected may result in a driver Notice of Violation (NOV) or Notice of Claim (NOC). These are the only driver interventions at this time.

2.      Driver Notifications - Drivers will be notified by mail and may be contacted by a FMCSA investigator.


Let's demystify the CSA 2010 initiative.  Learn how this new data collection system directly affects you as a driver or carrier.


Download this new paper directed at driver protection by the DOT Doctor.  Available at:

As always, questions and comments welcomed!
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