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Wednesday, October 28 2009

I have seen the clerk in the Safety Position too often. Many of the clients was serviced or prospective clients feel they are too small to need a safety person. They actually say they do not need to worry about the DOT since they only had x trucks. (generally under 10). Then that audit paper comes and they run crying. 

We all know 1 truck or 1 million trucks, the DOT is coming. The free DOT HELP group we run on Yahoo addresses this issue with so many small companies. I speak with their "safety clerk", who professes they are clerical and haven't a clue, on how to conduct a safety department. Not only is this unsafe practices; the drivers walk all over them. Drivers are not stupid. They know when the safety person is clueless and they use that to their advantage. Can you blame them? 

Our virtual safety director service has helped some companies. It is nice for a long term contract on our part but it really feels better when you can go in and educate management on the importance of a good safety department. While you are their virtual director for a bit to get the ball rolling; it is great to see them learn to value this position and place a full time, qualified person in the spot. Maybe this new ruling will draw more attention to the need for safety and achieve what we have been trying to do for over 10 years in our little part of the world.

Having said this - I want to share a posting from LinkedIN


Over the years several carriers have tried to cut expenses by using safety clerks instead of experienced or Certified Safety Directors.

This mindset has worked for some carriers, over the years, because the carrier’s Safety Rating would only be affected when a compliance review was conducted. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE! states: “DON’T WAIT! What you and your drivers are doing RIGHT NOW will affect your company's new safety rating with CSA 2010. FMCSA assessment has already begun and will use the data they have been collecting to levy corrective actions or even declare drivers and companies “unfit” to continue service!”
Carriers can not afford to NOT have an experienced and seasoned Safety Director in control of the day-to-day operations. Carriers MUST develop educational and progressive discipline programs to prevent their drivers, contractors and even their own company from being declared “UNFIT” to continue service.

A carrier can no longer afford to allow a clerk to carry the title of Safety Director and live in denial or the fantasy world that CSA2010 is not going to affect them. This mentality has already cost several carriers large fines and even more to close their doors.

The attached link is an interview with a carrier from one of the test states which is currently using CSA2010. After reading the interview: Ask yourself can you afford not to have a seasoned certified and experienced Safety Director in charge of your company’s future?

Please take a couple seconds and answer two quick POLL questions and then view the results of the others.

What has your company done to prepare for CSA2010?

Who is in charge of your company’s DOT Compliance and Safety?

I would like to hear your thoughts.




Need help getting ready!  Drop us a line -

Our experts are here to help you!

Remember Safety is everyone's business

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