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CSA 2010

CSA Changes Effective 12/3/12

Quick overview of changes:
  1. Cargo securement violations (potentially 238 violations) move to Vehicle Maintenance BASIC
  2. Hazardous Material Compliance takes over Cargo section and only counts hazmat violations of which there are potentially 111 violations. The new hazmat BASIC will be live for carrier and law-enforcement view in December, but FMCSA plans further monitoring beyond that date before making it public. Focus here is on proper placarding and compliance.
  3. Crashes are to be separated into injuries and fatalities instead of the current grouped category.
  4. A reduction of "generic" non-tiered speeding violations; severity weight to 1 point, retroactive to Jan. 1 of this year.
  5. Removal of 1-5 mph speeding violations from the Safety Measurement System altogether, retroactive two years.
  6. Alignment of paper and electronic log violations to carry equivalent severity weights.
  7. Inclusion of intermodal equipment violations that should be found during drivers??? pre-trip inspections.
  8. Removing vehicle maintenance violations from driver-only inspections and vice versa in an effort to improve reporting quality.

All other changes announced will go into effect in the same month. Most changes are retro for the 2 years and went live 12/3/12.

Slide presentation on these changes for better understanding.
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Charles Miller is a finalist in Big Truck TV driver's challenge. This video teaches you how a driver, via the DOT holder, can challenge a roadside inspection as well as their PSP score.

Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player

Watch this short video and then go vote for Charles Miller at VOTE HERE . ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Weighted Violations Chart
Scroll to pages A4-B19.  Each table is a BASIC section.  View the weight of any violation to see how it will affect your CSA/PSP score.


Do you know your CSA score?  Want to know the CSA score of the company you work for or are applying to for work?  

Check it here.  Just enter their MC or DOT#.
CSA 2010 - now renamed CSA
CSA has been apart of our industry for over 2 years now.  Statistics are being collected and companies are being graded. 

  • Do you know your grade? 
  • Do you know where you are deficient? 
  • Do you understand how you are graded?
  • Do you monitor your stats?  If so; do you know how to improve your scores?

Don't worry; The DOT Doctor can assist. 
We cure CSA ills and worries.

The DOT Doctor offers a comprehensive training service to address your CSA ills.  We customize the training to your business and learning curve of your employees.  Learn how to obtain the best grade possible with a few simple "tricks".  Treat yourself to high scores and gain a competitive edge. 

Hire better drivers or help your drivers protect their record by understanding PSP.  Hint: this is not PlayStation.  Think DAC on a federally run level.

Did you know your information is a collection of ALL agency interactions?  You are graded every three months on a "government" algorithm (like Wall Street uses to value/devalue stocks) that can have you put out of business.  Do you know how long your information is retained?  Is it a rolling 2, 3 or 5 years?  Do you know how to over come a bad inspection?  We do!

Let us help.  Fill out our form below and a CSA specialist will be in touch shortly.

CSA 2010 is here! Learn how to protect yourself and your company. Free Download - Debunking CSA 2010.

Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 -

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CSA 2010
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