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The DOT Doctor:
Auditing - Preparing for the DOT
The D.O.T. called 
 You have 48 hours!

Are you prepared for an audit?

New D.O.T. number?
Audit is coming soon.

Are you D.O.T. compliant and audit ready? 
Are you ready to answer questions about and explain your company's methods in the following areas?
How To Prepare for a DOT Audit
Self-Auditing in Advance
Dos and Don’t During An Audit
How Your Safety Rating is Determined
Compliance Review - Part 385: Safety Fitness Procedures, the DOT audit process, proof of financial responsibility
How Fines are Assessed
Predicting if You Will Be Audited Soon
DOT Regulatory Requirements
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Driver Qualification
Hours of Service
Vehicle Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
Updates on Regulatory Changes
Recordkeeping Requirements
Driver Qualification Files
Accident Records
Maintenance Files
Log Books
Vehicle Inspection reports
Additional Requirements
Hazardous Materials Requirements
Security Requirements
Insurance Requirements
Don’t Guess
Know you are prepared
  Save Costly Fines   
The DOT Doctor can have you audit ready.   Contact us today!
The DOT Doctor is!
Written Safety Plan
The DOT Doctor can provide you with a customized written safety plan that meets DOT requirements.
Part 387/390 Financial Responsibility
  • Insurance MCS 90 & MCS 82
  • Correct insurance coverage for what you haul
  • Carrier Profile - Why is it important
  • Endorsement definitions
Part 391.51 Driver Qualification
States that drivers, and owner operators are required to fill out forms and documents to the affect they are qualified and competent to drive a CMV.
Proper set-up of DQ Files and maintain records for each driver
  • The DOT Doctor's HR Service insure you have a proven system to keep track of your drivers
  • Record retention or auditing services available
Part 382.601(a-c) Driver Drug-Alcohol Training
States that employers shall provide drivers with educational materials and explain about drug and alcohol misuse and requirements. 
Part 382.603 Mandated Supervisor Drug-Alcohol

States that persons designated to supervise drivers must receive 60 minutes on drug and 60 minutes alcohol misuse training.  
The DOT Doctor can track this for you or can provide you with a simple record keeping system to track drug & alcohol testing
  • The DOT Doctor can verify that your drug testing administrator is providing you with D.O.T. required semi-annual drug and alcohol summaries and Annual MIS Reports or arrange for your driver testing needs.
The DOT Doctor offers training on:
  • Understanding of testing for cause
  • "Motivating Factors" of employees who misuse
  • Dealing with workers abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Signs & symptoms of substance & alcohol misuse
  • Approach & confrontation techniques
  • 2 hour class time 1 hour Alcohol Abuse 1 hour Drug Abuse
  • Creating a drug and alcohol free workplace
Part 395.51 Hours of Service and Logbooks
Requires drivers to log their driving and non-driving hours correctly.  The DOT Doctor offers simple and easy to follow instruction to help drivers understand what is expected of them complete with PowerPoint presentations and workbook.  Training completion certifications available.
The DOT Doctor can offer driver and dispatch training as well as logbook auditing services.
  • We check for falsification
  • We will check for the 11 and 14 hour rule as well as the 60/70 hour in 7/8 day rule
  • We check for speeding
  • We verify against all receipts and records made available
Part 396 Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance
Keeping proper records and training drivers what to look for, is a vital part in preventing driver and vehicle from being put "Out Of Service"; also, it helps to avert costly accidents, fines and downtime.
Part 390 Loss Prevention & Accidents
There are basic requirements every driver of a CMV has when it comes to accident reporting.  The DOT Doctor has a simple guide to the basics of properly recording and documenting a recordable accident/incident as well as accident / incident investigation services.  These emergency services are available 24/7.
Proper documentation of accidents includes:
  • What is recordable/preventable?
    Death, injury, tow
  • When are you required to drug test?
  • Retention of records
  • Violations and penalties
  • Accident log
  • Safety programs can prevent accidents
  • Drug and alcohol post-accident testing requirements
Part 397 / 172.704 Hazardous Materials
Basic requirements for drivers, office personnel shipping clerks and dockworkers, who process or forward paperwork of Haz-Mat materials.
HM126-F training
  • General awareness and familiarization
  • Frequency of renewal of training
  • Training record retention of training
  • Function specific on HM bills of lading
  • HM table for labeling and packaging
Recommended Additional Services:
The DOT Doctor keeps you compliant so you can stay on the road and concentrate on business.
Instantly receive a DOT Audit check list. A consultant will get back with quickly to address any additional DOT Audit needs or questions. Just fill out this form. If the DOT has called you; send an URGENT email to: We will respond ASAP!
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