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The DOT Doctor:

An Audio Review of the Trucking Industry: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Listen to Ramblin' Rose speak about the many constant changes in the trucking industry over the last 40 years.

Ramblin' Rose introduces the DOT Doctor's services to truckers, O/O and other industry professional.

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Before becoming an O/O or a truck driver, ask yourself and your loved ones these questions.
1.    Dream of being a trucker? 
2.    Want that freedom of the road? 
3.    Like to travel?
4.    Want to make the “big bucks” that drivers make? 
5.    Maybe, doing it your way, is your dream and so is being an O/O?
Before making that big decision, sign up to receive this free download with the truth about the trucking life.
 "The Realities of Trucking Driving"
  • How many miles you can REALLY expect to drive per week?
  • What will I really make my first year?
  • Know if you should be paid by % or Cent Per Mile (CPM).
  • Dealing with recruiters; separating the facts from fiction.
  • What is guaranteed hometime?
  • Which pays better, Owner Operator or a Company Driver?
  • What type of freight should I haul?
  • Where do I find a good company?
  • Does my car driving record affect my ability to be hired?
  • Do the tickets I get as a commercial driver cost me on my car insurance?
  • What is DAC and why do I care?
  • How do I protect my DAC score?
 “I Want to be an Owner-Operator; now what?”
  • Can I afford to become an O/O?
  • What money does it really take to be independent?
  • Where do I find work as an O/O?
  • How do I find insurance for my family now that I am independent?
 "Truths Driving Schools Hide From Their Students"
  • Why new drivers have a difficult time finding and maintaining employment?
  • Time to make big dollars now; not!
  • Difference between running team and working for the teamsters.
  • To sleep or not?
  • Trucking driving is not freedom.
Learn the history of trucking along with some great pictures of antique trucks.  A must read for anyone interested in becoming a trucker, who has a trucker in their life, is a trucker or is a retired trucker.  The book discusses regulated vs. deregulated trucking and so much more.  
Order today at pre-release pricing of only $19.99.


Listen to The DOT Doctor on internet talk radio

 Join us on Blog Log Radio where the current series is, "So You Want to be a Trucker?"   Hear excerpts from the ebook read live.  See sample pages and charts from the ebook such as this:

SAMPLE CHART from "The Truth Behind the Trucking Lies" and part of the Series 1 discussion on The DOT Doctor's Blog Log Radio Talk Show.  New segments are added each Thursday.

Truck Driver Comparison


Avg Pay Per Mile for Driver

Avg Miles Per Week

Weekly Income – Driver



 Hourly wage or % pay was norm

2000 to 7000+

 $ 300.00+\-





 $   798.00

 $ 498.00




 $   980.00

 $ 182.00




 $   858.00


Deregulation initially helped increase the income of the driver but drastically cut the income of the O/O.  If you compare the value of the dollar today to that of regulated trucking times, the driver of the 21st Century makes less than the driver of the WWII era.  Today’s trucker makes less per hour than a “burger flipper” at any fast food chain. Hourly a driver working the maximum allowed 70 log hours a week, which is approximately 100 actual hours, while being compensated by the mile, actually receives the equilivant of $8-$10/hr in true compensation or an amount less than minimum wage in many areas.


Owner Operator Comparison


Avg Pay Per Mile for O/O

Avg Miles Per Week

Avg Cost Per Gallon of Fuel

Fuel Sur Charge (if paid) Per Mile

Weekly Income – O/O after fuel



 up to $7.00


 $      0.65

 $        -  

 $1000 - $8000+





 $      1.25

 $        -  






 $      2.00

 $     0.25






 $      3.50

 $     0.65

 $  814.00


What is a DAC Report?
DAC is like a credit scoring system for truck drivers. You are eligible to receive one free report every 12 months. Information on you DAC can keep you from being hired. Protect your DAC score.
Below we have provided the web address to USIS (DAC), and you can print out the pdf form to submit your request. Be sure you include all require information and proof of identity documents to avoid delays.
Additional Information You May find Helpful:
A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act:
Summary of Your Rights Under th eFCRA (Adobe PDF)
If you wish to contact the USIS Consumer Department for assistance, please use one of the following methods:
1.     Phone: 800.381.0645
2.     Send an e-mail to and provide your
name and phone number for a return call.
3.     Send a letter to:
USIS Commercial Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 33181
Tulsa, OK 74153
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